Karen Burnham

If you're here, you're probably looking for Karen Burnham, reviewer and critic of science fiction and fantasy. She thinks of herself as a book reviewer, writing for outlets such as Locus Magazine, Strange Horizons, SFSignal, and Cascadia Subduction Zone. She also writes non-fiction for the website GeekMom.com and occasionally for Clarkesworld Magazine. Her non-fiction book on the writings of Greg Egan was published in April 2014 and is widely available in multiple formats. You can find more information through the "Writing" tab above. 

You may also be looking for Karen Burnham the Engineer. Karen is an electrical engineer and physicist specializing in Electromagnetic Compatibility, working at Sierra Nevada Corporation on the amazingly cool Dream Chaser Spaceship. She used to work at NASA's Johnson Space Center on EMC issues for Orion and also on pyrotechnic systems. If you are interested in Karen's EMC/E3 or pyrotechnics experience, engineering publications, accomplishments, or resume, check out the "Engineering" tab above.

In the category of "other duties as assigned," Karen has been recently helping out various science fiction conventions and conferences in different capacities. She is the Vice President of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, which holds an academic and writers conference each Spring in Florida. She was the head of the Academic track of Programming at the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio, TX in 2013. She has also produced and hosted three podcasts: the Locus Roundtable for Locus Magazine, SF Crossing the Gulf with Karen Lord for SFSignal.com, and Small Blue Planet with Cheryl Morgan for Locus Magazine


Karen Burnham is vocationally an engineer and avocationally a science fiction reviewer. She writes for venues such as Locus Magazine, Strange Horizons, SFSignal.com, GeekMom.com, and Cascadia Subduction Zone. She was nominated for the British Science Fiction Award for Non-Fiction in 2012. She works as an electrical engineer and physicist on the Dream Chaser spacecraft near Denver, CO, where she lives with her husband and two sons.