Education & Certifications

  • MSEE, University of Houston
  • BS Physics, Northern Arizona University
  • iNARTE certified EMC Engineer

Job Experience

Sierra Nevada Corporation (Feb 2014 - present)

Lead EMC Engineer for the Dream Chaser spacecraft. Coordinating with design teams to ensure the best possible electromagnetic compatibility and lightning protection. 

NASA Johnson Space Center for L-3 Communications (2009-2014)

Worked for the pyrotechnic and power systems groups before joining the EMC group full-time in 2011. Lead EMC engineer for NASA oversight of the European Service Module for the Orion project. 

Northrop Grumman (2001 - 2008)

Worked on signal processing algorithms for radar data for several years. Later transferred to work on combat wireless network systems and was made a group lead.

Technical Publications

JSC-66496 “NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) Radio Frequency (RF) and Lightning Sensitivity Test Report.” Karen Burnham, Robert C. Scully, John D. Norgard. February, 2013.

“NASA Standard Initiator Susceptibility to UHF and S-Band Radio Frequency Power and Lightning Strikes.” Karen Burnham, Robert C. Scully, John D. Norgard. Proceedings of 2013 EMC Symposium in Denver, CO.

JSC-66637 “Analysis of NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) Radio Frequency (RF) Susceptibility in a C-17 Electromagnetic Environment for the Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS) Drop Tests.” Karen Burnham, Robert C. Scully. October, 2013.

JSC-66640 “Induced Currents and Voltages from Indirect Lightning Strikes in Cable Harness Suspended Above Composite Panel.” Karen Burnham. October 2013.


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